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C. Eng.

One of my new resolutions for the year 2006 was to become Chartered Engineer. In January 2006, I filled the form from the IET. At the end of that month, I have submitted to the local representative. He made a couple of minor corrections. I sent the application with an £80 cheque. In February, I obtain all the signatures from my sponsor, supporter and proposer. I submitted the form with the signatures and a development action plan in March 2006. In April 2006, the IET representative informed me that my application has been received and that my sponsor, supporter and proposer would be contacted. At the end of that month, all of them had answered the various questions.

I was interviewed on the 18th June 2006. The questions were based around my professional attitudes and my applications.

On Saturday 29th July 2006, I received a letter from the IET informing me that my application has been successful. I cannot yet use the CEng as my signature. I will be able to do it once I have received registration number from the Engineering Council.

On Saturday 19th August, I received a letter from the Engineering Council informing my registration number. I also received my Chartered Engineer certificate meaning. It will be framed in due course. In addition, the CV has been updated as I am now a chartered engineer and can use the title CEng.

If you want to discuss any technical issues, drop me a line Marc Rigot.