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Traveling has always been a joy for me. Most of my early trips were done without any cameras. The recent ones were done with some sorts of camera. This page is not intended to show all my pictures but just my thought on the various trips when I have pictures.

Visited places

The list so far is not that impressive but I am working to increase it. The visited countries, island or cities are: Athens, Crete, Guadeloupe, Malta (no pictures), Djibouti (no pictures and not recommended), Lanzarote (no pictures), various spanish cities including Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona.

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Trip reports

Brest 2016 2016

From Monday 11th July 2016 to Monday 18th July, we went to Brest for the Maritime Festivities. We had booked a bed and breakfast or gite at Roscanvel. We sailed from Plymouth to Roscoff through a ferry. We slept on board during the night. Even though the sea was rough, we slept relatively well. We arrived at Roscoff around 8am on the Monday morning. We took our time as we had to arrive between 1730 and 1930. We stopped at Landévec, Lanvéoc, Le Fret and then Roscanvel through the coastal roads. We really enjoyed the trip.
On Tuesday, we had a rest day. We went to Camaret-sur-mer. We enjoyed more crepes and a relaxing day. We ate at Le Fret in the evening where we could see a few boats in the bay.

Brest 2016Brest 2016

On Wednesday, we went to the Brest maritime festivities and we had a boat trip booked on board Ernestine from Germany. Arriving to the show was very easy as the park-and-ride is well organized around the tramway. The sailing conditions were pretty good i.e. force 3, slightly overcast and about average temperature. The show was good but the view from the sea was even better.

Brest 2016Brest 2016

The day was absolutely fabulous.
On Thursday, we spent more time as the festivities. We saw a huge number of boats. For the firework, we had another boat booked, Lys noir. The sailing conditions were pretty good but the wind was lighter. But the view of the sunset was pretty good. The firework was good.

Brest 2016Brest 2016

On Friday, we wanted to take an easy day and were forced to do it as the car battery decided to fail. We arrived in Brest to our hotel near the port.
On Saturday, we had our last day. We saw previous boats we sailed with Provident, and Amely Rose.

Brest 2016

We sailed on board Marie Georgette. It was a nice sail even though the temperature was much hotter than average.
The trip was fantastic and plenty of yachts to see. In the evening i.e. during sunset, we saw the evening parade with multiple boats going through.

Brest 2016Brest 2016

Further pictures are on the Gallery.

Future destinations

The list is growing everyday. The trips that I would like to do are: Hawaii, Florida (Miami and Orlando in particular), Las Vegas, Japan, China, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Venice, etc.