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For the seasons 2004 and onward, it is possible to select a month of a particular season, a summer holiday, year objectives or year summary. The current month sailing report is displayed below.

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Sailing reports

On Sunday 17th September 2017, I raced at Largo Bay SC. The sailing conditions were pretty good i.e. slightly overcast sky, medium wind, wind with tide and about average temperature. The first race start was unusual i.e reach start. I was on the line more or less on time and with some speed. I knew where the first buoy was and I had a good speed up this buoy. For the second buoy, I had to guess but I had another faster competitor showing the way forward. I was slighlty overpowered but I had good speed on the 3 laps. My mark rounding was acceptable and I was in view of the fastet boat. Before the second race, I tweaked the outhaul. The start of the second race was more conventional. I was slightly late but I had a good speed. I arrived third at the first buoy. However, I gained one place just after the first buoy. From this point, I enjoyed the race and sailing. My mark rounding was again acceptable and my boat speed was also good. More importantly, I felt in control of the boat. The third race was again a reach start. I was not too bad and I arrived second on the first buoy. To arrive on the third buoy i.e. the beat mark, I had a better tactics and I arrived first before the 505. I struggled to believe this achievement. I was then chassed by the 505 on the run with its kite. However, I was too far behind on the run on the first buoy on the second lap. However, I was hit by a gust and capsized several time at that buoy. I almost gave up but went passed a few competitors. The race was good because I won the first two races (by a 1 minute on the first race and 4.5 minutes on the second race) and finished second in the last one by 7 seconds. Therefore, I won my first trophy in Scotland.