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For the seasons 2004 and onward, it is possible to select a month of a particular season, a summer holiday, year objectives or year summary. The current month sailing report is displayed below.

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Sailing reports

On Sunday 12th August 2018, I raced at Largo Bay SC. The sailing conditions were not encouraging i.e. medium to strong wind, about average temperature, drizzle all afternoon and strong gusts of wind. I decided to use the full rig as I was hoping that we were sheltered from the wind. However, the gusts were stronger than I anticipated. On the first race, I had a descent start. I managed not to loose too much time on the beat. On the reach and dead run, I felt like a passenger at various times. I did do three laps and was very happy with my position. On the second race, the start was fortunate to be descent. Because the wind has picked up and that I become more tired, I started to make more mistake on the downside. On both race, my mark rounding was acceptable even though after the gybes, I could have done better. On the third race, my start was not that great but I carried on. At the beat buoy, I realised that my outhaul had a fault. I managed to finish the race with a decent place and time. In all, although physically hard, my sail was not too bad even though I felt a passenger on the dead run.