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Sailing Instructor


Since 2007, I became a dinghy sailing instructor. This page will show how I became instructor and my main experience notes.

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Training reports

August 2012

From Saturday 25th to Monday 27th August, I was dinghy instructor for the second day of the August Antics at Chew Valley.
On Saturday, the sailing conditions were slightly challenging i.e. overcast key with one shower in the afternoon, wind picking up during the day (from force 3 to 4+) and slightly below average temperature. With the helpers (mainly the parents), we started rigging the boats. I started showing a tack. Although I had a Topper intermediate with 8 pupils, the reality appeared to be 2 beginners, two above beginners, three comfortable with intermediate and one advanced level. We launched the various dinghies and my suspicion was confirmed. Two did not have any trouble. Two managed well, two struggled and two needed coaching all the times. I went with one student that had afe sheeting whereas the other had centre main sheet. The morning went ok. However, in the afternoon, I went with another pupil and on one boat two students to boost the confidence of one of them. One of hte beginners strggled iwth the increased wind. Therefore, he stopped earlier. The other after more than one hour on the water and the wind increasing further, started to become tired (although they would not admit it). Therefore, I called the day earlier than planned. All the instructors had a debriefing where we re-organized the groups such the pupils could have maximum enjoyment.
On Sunday, the sailing conditions were pretty good if not almost ideal i.e. slightly overcast, temperature slightly below than average and medium wind (up to force 3-4 at lunch time). With the sailing conditions being forecast as un-sailable for the last day of the August Antics, it was decided if the race could be done on the second day instead of the last day. With this race day change in mind, I decided to have a triangle course straight away. I had new pupils and one dropping out. If it had been a RYA course, I would have done going upwind first and then gybe theory first. Because of the objective was fun first, I went ahead with almost no theory. However, the majority of them did well. With the wind picking up, I decided to only do tacking through the figure. Near lunch time, it became clear that I need to have a reefing for a few of them. With this in mind, I shorted the programme by 20 minutes. For the race, I decided to reef. However, as soon as the race started, the wind dropped. Therefore, all my pupils were at disadvantage but such as is life. All my pupils finished race though with the best one finishing 8th overall.
On Monday 27th August, it was the last day of the August Antics at Chew Valley. At forecast, the wind was quite strong i.e. force 4 and rising. In addition, it was cloudy with rain forecast at any time. However, the objective was to get the pupils having fun. The first thing is that I joined forces with another Topper intermediate. The first task was to build a small boat (cocktail stick, paper, etc.) and with only blowing, pushing it as far as possible. It was a quite interesting challenge. We followed this challenge with a peddling race. With one boat per team and a relay, each pupil had a go. However, the wind conditions made it harder than expected. The fun finished with a water battle when all the ribs and boats were put away.
In summary, it was a great event especially that the pupils wanted to have fun. However, without the organizer and the parents-helper, it would not have been possible.